Costa Rica among the first places in FDI after the pandemic along with 3 countries in the Middle East.


On May 10, the fDi Intelligence website, one of the leading investment promotion and economic development solution sites, published an article with an analysis of the countries that have shown the best performance in terms of economic recovery and increased foreign investment. (FDI) after the pandemic.

Of the countries evaluated, three from the Middle East obtain the first positions while Costa Rica leads Latin America and obtains fourth overall place and being the only Latin American country in the Top 10, at the same time that we will focus on the opportunities that Costa Rica offers for international investors.

In this post on Clare Facio Legal’s blog, we will analyze the trends, key factors and outstanding achievements that have led these countries to lead the recovery process and how Costa Rica can position itself as an attractive investment destination.

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected the global economy, but some countries in the Middle East have achieved remarkable economic recovery after the crisis period. Costa Rica, for its part, has shown resilience and offers a favorable environment for foreign investment. As the world recovers from the challenges of the pandemic, it is important to look at the opportunities that both the Middle Eastern countries and Costa Rica present for international investors.

Position 1 – United Arab Emirates (UAE): The United Arab Emirates leads the ranking with an outstanding economic recovery and a significant attraction for foreign investment. Its diversified economy, with a focus on sectors such as tourism, technology and finance, has attracted massive investment. With a focus on innovation and modern infrastructure development, the UAE has managed to build investor confidence and attract high-end investment.
Position 2 – Saudi Arabia: In the second position, Saudi Arabia has positioned itself as an attractive destination for foreign investment. With its vision of diversifying the economy and reducing dependence on oil, the country has made significant investments in sectors such as renewable energy, technology, and manufacturing. These initiatives have attracted substantial investment and have contributed to its economic recovery.
Position 3 – Qatar: Qatar occupies the third position in this ranking, with a focus on economic diversification and the attraction of foreign investment. The country has invested in infrastructure projects, such as the organization of international sporting events and the development of special economic zones. These initiatives have generated significant investments and have contributed to its economic growth.
Position 4 – Costa Rica: Costa Rica
is in fourth position, standing out as a country in Central America with a solid economic recovery and attractiveness for international investors. The country has experienced growth in sectors such as technology, sustainable tourism and agribusiness. Favorable government policies, political stability and its focus on sustainability have attracted growth investment and contributed to its economic development.
Position 5 – Portugal: In fifth position is Portugal, a country that has achieved a significant economic recovery and has attracted investment in sectors such as tourism, logistics and renewable energy. Favorable government policies, investment in infrastructure, and a focus on economic diversification have been key factors in its attractiveness to investors.

What does this mean for Costa Rica?

Government policies and economic stability

Both the Middle Eastern countries and Costa Rica have implemented investment-friendly government policies and have maintained remarkable economic stability. In the case of Costa Rica, the country stands out for its commitment to democracy, political stability and respect for the rule of law. In addition, it has established a series of tax incentives and support programs for foreign investment, which has created a favorable environment for investment and business development.

Infrastructure and technology

Middle Eastern countries have been noted for their investments in modern infrastructure and cutting-edge technology. Costa Rica, for its part, has developed a solid infrastructure that includes seaports, international airports, highways, and advanced telecommunications. In addition, the country has positioned itself as a technological center in the region, attracting important technology companies and promoting innovation and talent development in the sector.

Growth sectors and investment opportunities

Both the Middle Eastern countries and Costa Rica offer a wide range of investment opportunities in growing sectors. In the Middle East, the sectors of renewable energy, technology, tourism, manufacturing industry and logistics stand out. In the case of Costa Rica, the technology services, agribusiness, sustainable tourism, advanced manufacturing, and financial services sectors present great potential for growth and profitability for international investors.

Human Capital and Talent

In both the Middle East and Costa Rica, the availability of human resources and specialized talent is a key factor in attracting foreign investment. Both regions have a qualified and trained labor force, as well as educational institutions and training programs that promote the development of technical and professional skills. This guarantees the availability

availability of trained and talented personnel to support the operations of foreign companies.

In the case of Costa Rica, the country has stood out for its high level of education, with a highly educated and bilingual labor force. In addition, the government has promoted the creation of training programs in strategic areas, such as technology and innovation, to further strengthen the skills of local talent.

Business environment and ease of doing business

Both the Middle Eastern countries and Costa Rica have made significant efforts to improve the business environment and make it easier to do business. They have implemented reforms to simplify administrative processes, reduce bureaucracy, and promote transparency in business procedures. These measures have generated confidence among investors and have streamlined the start-up and operation of companies.

Sustainability and environmental commitment

In the current context, sustainability and environmental commitment are increasingly important aspects for international investors. Both the Middle Eastern countries and Costa Rica have demonstrated a commitment to protecting the environment and promoting sustainable business practices. They have implemented policies to promote renewable energy, the conservation of natural resources, and the adoption of responsible production and consumption practices.

In conclusion

In conclusion, the countries of the Middle East have experienced an outstanding economic recovery and present attractive opportunities for foreign investment. At the same time, Costa Rica stands out as a country with a favorable environment for investment and a wide range of growing sectors. Its economic stability, favorable government policies, developed infrastructure, qualified human talent and commitment to sustainability are aspects that position it as an attractive destination for international investors.

The continued implementation of favorable policies, the strengthening of trade relations, and the fostering of innovation will be key factors in driving economic growth and attracting investment in both Middle Eastern countries and Costa Rica. Both regions offer exciting opportunities for investors looking to expand their businesses and take advantage of the growth potential in dynamic markets.

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