Clare Facio Legal welcomes the CCI France Costa Rica and its antenna in Tamarindo Guanacaste.


By making this announcement official, we continue the celebration of last June 16 in Tamarindo, an event neighboring the appointment of our founding partner Gabriel Clare Facio as honorary consul of the French Republic in the sector of Tamarindo Guanacaste.

CCI FRANCE COSTA RICA: Bringing Business Together and Promoting Sustainability

Since its creation in 1997, CCI FRANCE COSTA RICA has been at the forefront of strengthening trade relations between France and Costa Rica, as well as promoting sustainable business practices.

Two Essential Missions

CCI FRANCE COSTA RICA has two fundamental missions that define its approach:

● Animate the French Business Community in Costa Rica: This mission involves supporting and facilitating relationships within the French business community in Costa Rica.

● Promote Commercial Exchanges between France and Costa Rica: This mission aims to develop and enhance commercial, industrial, financial and technological ties between these two regions.

A Business Club and a Service Company

Link between France and Costa Rica

CCI FRANCE COSTA RICA is not only an essential link between France and Costa Rica, but also a team of dedicated professionals offering logistical support and commercial services for companies interested in developing in one of these two markets.

Partner Network

In addition, CCI FRANCE COSTA RICA is an active network of partners and an important driver of the French-Central American business community. It facilitates contacts between its members and the business community in general, both public and private, and is a key partner for development and support in France and Costa Rica.

A Support for Business Exchanges and Development

With a focus on developing business relationships between France and Central America, CCI FRANCE COSTA RICA uses its extensive knowledge and contacts to offer customized solutions to companies, helping them learn and grow in these markets. Its specialized business services are powerful tools for business growth.

A Carbon Neutral Certified Chamber

In a pioneering initiative, CCI FRANCE COSTA RICA has been officially declared Carbon Neutral within Costa Rica’s country program for Carbon Neutrality. This means that the Chamber has achieved a zero impact on its Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions through a transparent process of measurement, reduction, removal and/or offsetting.

Promoting Good Business Practices

In addition to being Carbon Neutral, the Chamber also seeks to promote the development of good business practices that improve the management of GHG emissions. This is in line with Costa Rica’s national goal of Carbon Neutral by 2021, an ambitious initiative

to offset carbon emissions and reduce global warming and environmental degradation.

Synergy and an ideal environment for doing business and living well.

CCI France Costa Rica will share offices with Clare Facio Legal. In what we are sure will be a synergy and an environment for the exchange, promotion and development of ideas, businesses, and the establishment of citizens and companies.

French companies in Costa Rica and also the participation of Costa Rican companies in the French market.

All of us in the Clare Facio Legal family would like to welcome you to such an important institution with which we have been working in pleasant coexistence for many years. He also took advantage of the communiqué to invite the French, Costa Rican, commercial and industrial communities of both countries to do business and move the gears of development and progress between the two nations.


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