Gabriel Clare Facio y Clare Facio Legal, presentes en M.A.R Immo International Portugal.


From September 15th to September 23er, our partner Gabriel Clare Facio will be present in Portugal as a representative, guest, speaker, and sponsor of the M.A.R. Immo International event.

Organized by Ana Raquel Torres, M.A.R Immo International unites predominantly French-speaking real estate buyers, investors, and brokers in beautiful locations in a wonderful tourist and educational experience. In this September 2023 installment, the chosen destination was Portugal.

Lectures in French on international real estate investments.

Portugal, the European country, is attractive both for its dynamism and for its advantages in costs of living and taxation. A country of great cultural wealth, quality of life, and landscapes. An authenticity that increasingly delights the rest of Europe but also the entire world.

A pleasant and sunny climate is present almost all year round, a pristine natural environment with its beaches and forested areas, its wine valleys in the Douro, its historic and charismatic centers, and a gastronomy that seduces visitors.

From north to south, tourists enjoy a diversity of unique landscapes. Porto, Lisbon, Braga, the Azores and Madeira islands, and the Algarve, the region where the magnificent VidaMAR complex is located, the dream location for M.A.R. 2023.

The M.A.R. event will allow you to learn more about international real estate investment.

In its 2023 version, you can participate in conferences and learn about your investment possibilities in countries such as Portugal, Spain, Greece, the United Arab Emirates, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Colombia.

Clare Facio Legal

Clare Facio Legal is a law firm specializing in Costa Rican, international, commercial, and expat law. Thanks to our multilingual staff and professional dynamism, Clare Facio Legal has managed to amass a powerful portfolio of national and international clients and investors, collaborating with dozens of investors, commercial groups, and families seeking to invest, settle or diversify in Costa Rica.

In the version of M.A.R. Immo International Portugal 2024 Clare Facio Legal is pleased to share the showcase with 14 other sponsors and business leaders worldwide.

Investissement Ray Junior

Skyblu Condos Cité Mirabel

Volta Financement Alternative

Clare Facio Legal

Organization Dupuis


Peregrines Venture

Champagne Capital

InnovAction Groupe-conseil inc.

Center d’apprentissage Masters

Placement Santé Prestige Inc.

Cédric P. Création de Contenu

Joannie Dulude – Courtier immobilier

Medical-Esthétique Électrolyse Jessy Pelletier


About Gabriel Clare Facio and his talk.

Gabriel Clare Facio, is a trilingual lawyer notary public (Spanish, French and English) and honorary consul of France with over a decade of experience in commerce, corporate, and real estate law. He is currently a fiscal of the France-Costa Rica Chamber of Commerce and Industries (2012). He is also the fiscal of the Federation of European Chambers in Costa Rica (2020).

Gabriel’s Talk will focus on purchasing processes, insurance, and other topics related to acquiring goods in Costa Rica and will take place on Wednesday, September 20. More information and the option to get entry to this and other talks can be found here on the official event site


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