Investment rating agencies upgrade Costa Rica’s outlook.


In a global economic climate where certainty has become a precious commodity, the recent news of Costa Rica’s upgraded credit rating is a watershed for the country’s financial and investment outlook. These developments not only reflect the strength and resilience of the Costa Rican economy, but also open up a range of opportunities for investors looking to expand into markets with sound economic fundamentals and responsible fiscal policies.

At Clare Facio Legal, a boutique law firm with deep experience in advising national and international clients, we recognize the importance of these rating upgrades by renowned agencies such as Moody’s Investors Service and Standard and Poor’s (S&P). These developments are a clear indication of the positive direction the country has taken, marking a milestone in its financial history and providing an encouraging message to the global investment community.

As legal facilitators at the epicenter of Costa Rica’s economic activity, we are proud to be participants and witnesses of this change that will undoubtedly place the country in a more favorable position on the international stage. In the following exploration, we will detail how these changes in risk ratings positively impact Costa Rica’s image in the eyes of investors, and how Clare Facio Legal offers the experience and knowledge to navigate this renewed economic environment.

Costa Rica upgraded from B1 to B1 and BB- by Moody’s and S&P

With the recent upgrade of Costa Rica’s credit ratings by recognized international agencies, there is a promising outlook for the country in terms of attracting foreign investment and consolidating confidence in its economy. Moody’s Investors Service has upgraded Costa Rica’s long-term credit rating to B1, reflecting a positive outlook for the country, a significant improvement from the previous B2 rating. This rating is based on the central government’s fiscal consolidation and robust economic growth, suggesting more favorable access to external financing.

Standard and Poor’s (S&P) has also recognized Costa Rica’s fiscal efforts, upgrading its sovereign rating to “BB-“, which indicates recognition of the fiscal discipline and the medium-term fiscal path proposed by the Government. These upgrades are not isolated events but part of a positive pattern that includes maintaining a stable outlook for the country.

These advances are a testament to Costa Rica’s commitment to policies that foster a stable and predictable economic environment, fundamental aspects for investors when making strategic decisions. In this context, Clare Facio Legal, as a boutique law firm in Costa Rica, underscores the importance of this risk rating upgrade and how it reflects an unprecedented opportunity for investors seeking to expand their horizons in an emerging market that shows clear signs of stability and growth. With a team of legal and financial advisory experts, Clare Facio Legal is positioned as a strategic ally for those who wish to successfully navigate Costa Rica’s promising economic landscape.

The recent upgrade of Costa Rica’s credit ratings by Moody’s Investors Service and Standard & Poor’s is a testament to the country’s strength and determination to follow a path of fiscal consolidation and economic stability. At Clare Facio Legal, we interpret this development as an unequivocal sign that Costa Rica is positioning itself firmly on the radar of international investors.

This upward trend in confidence in the Costa Rican economy is not only a catalyst for attracting foreign direct investment, but also stands as a pillar that strengthens the country’s reputation as a safe and reliable destination for business expansion and long-term project development.

A promising future is on the horizon for Costa Rica and, at Clare Facio Legal, we are committed to being the strategic allies our clients need to take advantage of the new opportunities that this improvement in the country’s risk outlook presents. We offer a comprehensive legal advisory platform, characterized by excellence, experience and a deep understanding of Costa Rica’s legal and economic environment, pillars that allow us to propel our clients towards success in this new and auspicious chapter of the national economy.


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