Lic. Gabriel Clare is a lawyer and trilingual Notary Public (Spanish, French, and English), with more than 10 years of experience in commercial, corporate, and real estate matters.

He is Fiscal of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry France – Costa Rica (2012), and the Federation of European Chambers in Costa Rica (2020).

He is a visiting professor at the college of real estate brokers. He graduated in Law from the Universidad Libre de Derecho de Costa Rica, Notary Public at the Universidad de la Salle, he has extensive professional experience that was developed in various law firms until he established his own in 2019, hand in hand with his esteemed partners. .

In addition, it has become a great ally for foreigners who decide to settle in Costa Rica, whether for investment or quality of life, both professionally and personally.

Tirelessly passionate about good and justice, he devotes all his time and energy to helping and resolving his client’s cases as if they were his own business. He is characterized by his charisma, his great empathy, his loyalty and his honesty.