We are a firm of young and proactive lawyers, leaders in Costa Rica in matters of expatriation, business attraction, acquisition, Real Estate and settlement among others.


Costa Rica?

51,000 km2 of nature, scenic beauty, warm and friendly people.

Our country serves as a bridge for the two Americas and is bathed by two oceans, these two graces have earned it the home of more than 6% of the planet’s biodiversity.

Together with these unique biological and geographical conditions, 5,000,000 Costa Ricans live out their days under the peaceful skies of a country that abolished its army more than 70 years ago.

What allows us to allocate those former war funds to health and education.

Perhaps the most socially and politically stable country in Latin America, with a first-world health system, one of the highest rates of democracy on the planet, and a highly educated population, to the point of having 99% literacy, make Costa Rica, simply the perfect destination.


Since 2019, the Clare Facio Law Firm has been at the forefront of legal and professional services in Costa Rica. 

At Clare Facio, our mission is to become the bridge that facilitates the realization of our clients’ ide as and objectives with the potential of our country.

Our goal is to create lasting relationships, accompany our clients ideas and businesses from conception to completion. 

We believe in friendly relationships, fostering friendship and trust with our clients through the security generated by our knowledge and responsibility. 

Sobre Nosotros

Lic. Gabriel Clare Facio

Specialties: Consul, Attorney at Law and Notary Public

Lic. Manuel Giménez Costillo

Specialties: Lawyer and Notary Public

Enrique Loría Brunker

Specialties: Lawyer and Notary Public

Nicole González Guardia

Specialties: Lawyer

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