Propety Registry Alerts.

Clare Facio Legal launches its Property Registry Alerts Service.


Companies and legal entities are not exempt from possible fraudulent and illegal actions, related to the management of properties, assets and real estate.

Precisely from this reality arises the urgent need to have a solid system of protection and supervision of goods and assets, Clare Facio Legal makes available to our clients and friends our new Registry Alerts service, real-time surveillance of properties and real estate held by their legal persons.

Why is it important that your company and assets are included in our Registry Alerts service?

Without an efficient supervision system, unauthorized operations such as transfers of goods and property, registration of liens or constitution of mortgages can occur, even without the explicit approval of the owner.

The Registry Alert service is a preventive solution to this threat, which offers the possibility of being informed immediately and directly about any movement or change that occurs in your properties, real estate or legal entities. This monitoring is done directly in the books. And systems of the National Registry of Costa Rica. Notifications are sent directly to our lawyers in charge of monitoring and protecting your interests and assets.

Clare Facio Legal launches its Property Registry Alerts Service.

What is a Registry Alert Service?

The Registry Alert service is a preventive tool that allows you to be informed immediately and directly about any movement or intention of movement, change, lease, mortgage or transfer that occurs in your properties.

This review is carried out directly in the National Registry of Costa Rica. The notifications are sent directly to our mail where our team of professionals and lawyers confirm the legality and will of the action. Then regardless of the result. They communicate with the interested parties and/or  representatives of the company to inform and confirm that the action happens under the consent of our clients.

As soon as we receive a notification, our contact and account supervision team will seek to contact you or those in charge of your accounts immediately. By the available means to confirm that the registration action is known to you. And that it has your unequivocal approval.

If this is not the case, together we will develop the legal actions that allow us to avoid the illegal act.

The importance of protection and supervision.

Properties represent achievements, heritage and, on many occasions, a legacy for our loved ones. Therefore, keeping them protected and supervised is essential.

Registry Alerts function as a protection shield, immediately informing you of any management related to your assets that has not been unequivocally carried out or authorized by you. This gives you the ability to respond quickly and take the appropriate steps to protect your assets.

The Peace of Delegation

At our law firm, we take the protection of your assets one step further. When you hire our Registry Alerts service, we not only keep you informed, but we also review the original status of the documents and advise you on the actions to take.

In this way, supervision remains in the hands of a team of professionals dedicated to this  subject matter. Allowing you to focus on the day-to-day issues of your family, life, and business without worry.


Mr. Manuel Álvarez Méndez (Spanish) disappeared in Costa Rica in 2018, after having returned to the country on January 10 of that same year. He had returned after being alerted by acquaintances that his properties were being stolen and transferred to others through registry fraud.

The Alajuela Judicial Investigation Agency (OIJ) carried out two raids in La Garita and Turrucares, but did not obtain positive results. The lawyer for the family of the disappeared person expressed her concern about the possible connection of a criminal group with the case, which further complicates the search.

It is known that Manuel Álvarez Méndez had at least eight properties registered in his name in the National Registry at the time of his disappearance. However, judicial sources indicate that there could be up to 17 farms, located in places such as La Garita and Tambor de Alajuela, San Rafael de Poás, Aguas Zarcas de San Carlos, Santa Ana, Escazú, Goicoechea and Nicoya.

Source:OIJ lost track of a Spaniard who disappeared in Costa Rica five years ago | teletic

Any information about Manuel Álvarez MéndezMissing Persons (Adults) (


Registry Alerts is an annual service. Granting you 12 months of peace of mind with a service from $50+iva (tax of 13%).

Contact us immediately and start the safe, effective and professional monitoring of your assets.

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