Key aspects to migrate to Costa Rica: 10 essential questions answered by Clare Facio legal

Costa Rica, known for its biodiversity, stunning landscapes and commitment to peace, has long been a magnet for those wanting a change of scenery. Its rich culture, an amalgamation of indigenous, European and Afro-Caribbean influences, together with an enviable economic and political stability in the region, makes the country an attractive destination for those looking […]

Foreigners from 60 countries will be able to stay up to 180 days in Costa Rica.

At Clare Facio Legal, we have observed with interest the recent modifications in Costa Rica’s immigration policies related to the length of stay allowed for tourists. In order to provide a clearer understanding of this change, we would like to share the following analysis. On June 15, Costa Rica implemented an amendment to the Regulation […]

Abordar un Proyecto de Residencia en Costa Rica

Costa Rica un país para instalarse a comodidad. Gracias al conjunto de esfuerzos llevados a cabo por los y las costarricenses durante este segundo milenio, la idea de instalarse en Costa Rica gana popularidad en diversas partes del globo. Argumentos de calidad de vida mezclados con ese llamado a la aventura inmersa en espacios tropicales […]