International Men’s Day: A call for men’s health awareness

At Clare Facio Legal, we recognize the importance of dates that promote awareness and health care in all its facets. On November 19, we celebrate one of these significant dates, but perhaps less known: International Men’s Day. This commemoration, unlike more prominent events such as International Women’s Day, focuses on a crucial and often neglected […]

Costa Rica launches new 31-year term Eurobonds

In the financial sphere, the issuance of Eurobonds has become a key tool for countries seeking to access international capital markets and secure long-term financing. Costa Rica’s recent announcement of the initiation of a new series of $1.5 billion Eurobonds, with a 31-year horizon to maturity in 2054, is a clear sign of the country’s […]

Investment rating agencies upgrade Costa Rica’s outlook.

In a global economic climate where certainty has become a precious commodity, the recent news of Costa Rica’s upgraded credit rating is a watershed for the country’s financial and investment outlook. These developments not only reflect the strength and resilience of the Costa Rican economy, but also open up a range of opportunities for investors […]

Key aspects to migrate to Costa Rica: 10 essential questions answered by Clare Facio legal

Costa Rica, known for its biodiversity, stunning landscapes and commitment to peace, has long been a magnet for those wanting a change of scenery. Its rich culture, an amalgamation of indigenous, European and Afro-Caribbean influences, together with an enviable economic and political stability in the region, makes the country an attractive destination for those looking […]

Clare Facio Legal joins the world day of fight against breast cancer.

October 19 is the World Breast Cancer Awareness Day, a disease that annually claims the lives of thousands of people around the world. It is in this scenario, that the law firm Clare Facio Legal decides to join the awareness campaigns about this disease, not only internationally, but with a particular focus on Costa Rica. […]

Costa Rica: The fourth country in the world in the use of green energy.

In an outstanding achievement for Costa Rica, the country has positioned itself as fourth in the world in terms of green energy utilization. This distinction reinforces Costa Rica’s commitment to sustainability and renewable energy generation as a key priority on its national agenda. The transition towards cleaner and more sustainable energy sources has allowed Costa […]

Foreigners from 60 countries will be able to stay up to 180 days in Costa Rica.

At Clare Facio Legal, we have observed with interest the recent modifications in Costa Rica’s immigration policies related to the length of stay allowed for tourists. In order to provide a clearer understanding of this change, we would like to share the following analysis. On June 15, Costa Rica implemented an amendment to the Regulation […]